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Saturday, June 23rd.
3:00 PM.
Newport Mall Food court.

Chess Simul.
Sponsor Coach Pete.
Special Event.
NEW DATE Newport Mall food Court. Donations of $25 accepted. Chess Simul. Please join us in a event I’m sure everyone will enjoy. I will be playing 10- 20 boards simultaneous (at the same time.) Players will document (Keep a score sheet) the game and I will analyse the game, Sign it and give to all participants in a certificate form. As you are aware, I will be participating in the world open July 4th . We need funding for this Tournament. If you can not participate I will still be excepting sponsorship donations. Last year Most of you supported me, and I placed 12th in my section.
Top five (5) games will be published.
So don't miss out.
40th World Chess Open.

For over 10 yrs I have volunteered my time chaperoning over children to 200 area Chess Tournaments. That time as well as the many hours preparing them for the Tourney and the follow-up time spent critiquing their play, has not left me the time to pursue Tournaments on my own behalf. I would like to enter the 39th Annual World Open Tournament in Philadelphia. I am looking for your help and support through Sponsorships, any amount is welcome & will be very much appreciated. If you have questions about the World Tournament or the sponsorship, please feel free to contact me or speak to me when you drop off or pick up your Children.

Please sponsor;
Coach Pete