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New York City March 2, 2008

Chess Champions.


The Hoboken Chess Club participated in a chess tournament on Sunday April 6th , 2008 in New York . The tournament was sanctioned by the United States Chess Federation.

 I’m proud to say, the results were great.

 With a group of (25) twenty five Hoboken students participating in a room filled

With over 250 participants from New York , our children accomplished what they always have accomplished in the past,


In the K-3rd grade section, Mema  Khazanov, Ansul  kaware, and Arpan Gupta , medaled for their scores of 2.5 points (out of 4) 2 wins, 1 draw and only one defeat. Yash  tewari with a 1.5 score

However the star of this Section was Jeramiah Narramore. Jeramiah won 3 out of 4 games and placing in the top section.

The true success was our team scores. With Schools from all over New York City schools competing, and Plaques being awarded to only the top two finishers, two of our groups tied for second place. Both our Newport group and the Mustard Seed School won second place.

Our results in the rated section were even better!

 With 5 players from the Cordero School in Jersey City , courtesy of our Newport group, their scores were even more astonishing.

The Award winners were;

Aryan Singh and Neil Mehta with 3 points. (3 wins and only 1 defeat!), and Yash Bajaj with a score of 2.5.

The number one player of the day, however was Anagh  kulkarni.

Anagh went a perfect 4-0 to be named first place champion.

 The Cordero School won First place and were named FIRST PLACE CHAMPIONS.

This was Cordero’s second team Tournament first place finish. They won the 2007 New Jersey State Chess Federation Championship.

The players were;

Yash  Bajaj, Ansul  Kaware, Mema  Khazanov,  Anagh  Kulkarni, Neil Mehta, Yash Tewari, Vrutik Thakkar, Aman Gupta, Arpan Gupta, Brecon Hession , Aryan Iyer
Daniel Khazanov, Bredan Klemm-Smith, 
Thomas Narramore, Jeramiah Narramore

Ian Russell, Aryan Singh , Simran Singh , Max Tamarkin .

Chess Champions
New York City March 2, 2008

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Saturday, May 19th , 2007

The Hoboken Chess Champions.

Saturday, May 19th , 2007, a huge Chess tournament in Jersey City took place

with over 100 children throughout the State of New Jersey participating.

Sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club of Hudson County and NJ after 3,


Hoboken was represented by 12 children. And our results were incredible.


Hoboken Championed In All 3 sections.


The Hoboken Chess Champions.

Ben Lenz.(8th grade)               4-0. 7th -9th grade              1st Place Co-Champion.

Max Tamarkin(5th grade)      4-0. 4th- 6th grade              1st Place Champion.

Joslyn Feola (3rd grade)         4-0. K-3rd grade                 1st Place Co-Champion.

Brecon Hession (k)                  4-0. K-3rd grade                 1st Place Co-Champion.

Ian Russell (2nd grade) 3 - 0. Ian played the last round Board 1 for the Title and drew his game.

Ian Finished in 3rd place, without losing a single game.


The combined record was 30 Wins- 1 draw - 6 loses.


Please join me in congratulations on this GREAT accomplishment.

Lenz, Ben                  4-0            Hoboken Charter.

Tamarkin, Max        4-0            Elysian Charter.

Feola, Josln               4-0           Wallace.

Hession, Brecon        4-0           Mustard Seed.

Russell, Ian                3.5- 0       Mustard Seed.

Bravo,Aaron              3-1           Mustard Seed.

Matos, Emanuel        3-1           Demarest School

Gilbert, Ethan           2.5 – 1     Elysian Charter

Zatac, Aidan              2-2           Stevens Co-op.

Miles, Jalen               1-1           Brandt School.

Miles, I no-score Brandt School. Feola, N no-score Wallace School

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