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Hudson County Chess Association, Inc.

Pizza Party / Chess
Chess Globetroters / Chess League.
School Chess League
Chess Camp
Chess Tournament
Chess Homework.
Pizza party / Chess tournament.
Chess Events.
World Open. Sponser Coach Pete.
Chess Field trip
Zeppelin Hall Chess Club
Chess Puzzles.
Chess Lessons
Chess in The Parks.
Chess dedication to Peter Croce
Saturday Chess Mini-Lessons
Chess Champions
Play Chess
Benefits of Chess.
Chess Clinics in the Schools and Libraries.
Introduction to the Hudson county community.
Chess Clinics
Chess lectures
Chess Champions Previous to 2010.
Pizza Party / Chess
Chess Stories, Benjamin Franklin, Humphrey Bogart, John wayne
Play Chess AND Chess rules.
Chess opening lectures
Chess video lectures
Chess tactics
Chess history
Chess league
Newport Group
positional play
Elephant Park Chess Club. Newport.

For more info about Friday Knights Chess...... Pizza party.......... click HERE!

Chess events in January.
Chess Pizza party.
January 16th.
Hoboken Golf Center.
2nd and Grandt st, Hoboken.
Chess Simul
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T-F 10:30
Chess Tournament.
January 31st.
Edgeatwer public Library.
Free admission, pre-registration required.
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M-W 11:30

Friday Knight Chess.

Hoboken Chess Weekend

Friday, January 16th.

Pizza party 6-7 Pm

Followed by tournament 7:30 PM

Friday Knight.






Pizza party

Play chess and enjoy pizza.




Stay for our


 if you like. 

Schoolastics   $10.00

Adults $15.00


Pizza party /  Chess tournaments.